We will collaborate with various charity organisations, NGOs and running clubs to advocate for the seven United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. 


We serve as a fundraising platform for the following charities and projects:

RunOurCity Foundation - BEE Family Coach

The 'BEE Family Coach' program aims to promote healthy living, prevent diseases, increase family communication, and rebuild mutual care for families, especially low-income and professional driver families in Hong Kong. 

RunOurCity Foundation - YOUTH.ALL

The running courses of 'Youth.ALL' are designed by three local universities, namely The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Baptist University, and The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and led by running coaches experienced in training SEN students. The aim is to build confidence of SEN youth, give parents respite and equip them with knowledges to enhance family relationship. 

Blind Sports Hong Kong

Blind Sports Hong Kong was formed with the aim to provide running and physical training for the visually impaired. The voluntary coaches are professionally trained and qualified to carry out the training through structured activities such as fitness enhancement exercises, walking and distance running. Irrespective of the age groups, the aim is to enhance the physical mobility, the general health well being and to deliver positive influence to the visually impaired and the individuals suffering from long term illnesses. This also serves as asocial platform to encourage the visually impaired to step out of darkness and reintegrate them into the community. Over the years, BSHK has expanded to have its members involved in different sporting activities. 


The Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society's aim is to promote a culture of inclusion for people with disabilities and to encourage their active participation in the fields of sports and rehabilitation, education empowerment, inclusive technology, and cultural participation. And Fearless Dragon Running Team, the pronunciation of which sounds like “blind” (/maang/) and “deaf” (/lung/) in Cantonese, is a distance running team consisting of people with visual and hearing disabilities. They have been active in the running community, promoting inclusive running, mutual support, and tolerance. They actively participate in charity events and practice where they can help oneself while helping others. 

RUN Hong Kong

RUN Hong Kong supports vulnerable refugees, particularly women, to build resilience and nurture self-reliance for a more hopeful future. With sport as the springboard andeducation as the foundation, RUN Hong Kong helps refugees to create a life of safety and dignity, in Hong Kong and beyond. 

Teen's Key Hong Kong

Teen's Key Hong Kong is a young women-led frontline charity that is dedicated to promoting gender equality and sexual reproductive health. They offer comprehensive sexuality education and holistic treatment services, including a 24/7 hotline, counseling, STD testing, and post-crisis life enrichment programs to support young women in crisis. This includes pregnant teens, young mothers, and young female sex workers. At Teen'sKey, they aim to empower young women to actualize their full potential and thrive in a safe environment. They believe that all young women, even those facing crises, should be able to reconnect with their dreams and aspirations. 

The Peak Hunter Foundation

The Peak Hunter Foundation (TPHF) became a registered charity in March 2022. TPHF firmly believes exercising in nature can train strong minds and improve perseverance, which are critical elements in youth development. TPHF strives to promote activities in nature to youngsters, with the aim of making such activities more universal. Furthermore, they hope such activities can help youngsters understand themselves better, hence promoting youth development where physical, mental and emotional well-being are addressed, and a balance in life shall be achieved in the long run. 


Founded in 2009, VolTra is registered as a charity, aiming to encourage everyone to actively participate in global and local actions. By planning a variety of local and overseas volunteer projects, we broaden the global and local vision of the participants and inspire them to turn their ideas into actions. 


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Other SDGs Organisations/Projects in collaboration 


With innovative and pioneering strategies, BottLess opens the path for corporates to embrace sustainability, fostering micro-behavioral change in the public and creating zero-waste possibilities for our next generation. 

Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College

Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College strives their best for developing various curricula, catering for learner diversity and individual interests. In order to enhance students’ confidence and persistence, BFHMC organised a wide variety of sports activities and set up various sports teams. Through joining the extra-curricular activities, BFHMC hopes to develop their students to be a confident and motivated person who contributes to the society in future. 


Established in 1933, Hong Kong Playground Association is a long-time non-governmental organization providing social services to children and young people in Hong Kong. All the way we uphold our spirit of “person-oriented and strive for excellence”, so as to benefit the younger generation and contribute to the society as a whole. Through diversified and pertinent services, we aim at breeding youngsters’ holistic development and nurturing them to be successors of the Hong Kong society. Our services include Integrated Children and Youth Service Centres, Outreaching Social Work, School Social Work, Community Support Service Scheme, the Unusual Academy School Dropouts Supportive Service, Social Enterprise, Stadium, Camp, Exchange and Arts Services, Sports Service and Ocean Explorer. 

Hong Kong Stretching Exercise Association

Hong Kong Stretching Exercise Association aims to promote stretching exercises to the public for enhancing quality of life, bringing them to a healthy lifestyle from all walks of life. 

Pegasus Athletics Club

Running Man Athletic Club

To build healthy sport life with all HK runners and prevent any injury through proper training. To promote Long distance running, form the teams as a family and raise the level of local runners. 


The Green Earth launched the “Green Event Campaign” in 2016. Working with event organizers, we promote an environmentally responsible event culture paying attention to better use of resources and waste reduction. By now, we have supported more than 150 large-scale events in their implementation of Green Event measures.  

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