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RunOurCity Foundation Limited is a not-for-profit charity body that caters and serves the underserved communities.  We advocate and leverage compassion running to bring together different pockets of the society to promote harmony and empathy.  Youth.ROC, our pioneer project, has provided professional running trainings to inspire and challenge teenagers to systematically train for distance running and achieve their goals while improving health and developing a “can-do” attitude. The trainings have also helped participating teenagers to expand their social circle. Over 12,000 youths have participated in this project and half of them were underprivileged youths.  New project Youth.ONE with distance running as core element, aims to help youths improve fitness, establish character, enhance social recognition and interpersonal skills to achieve all-round development. 

We have developed more new programs recently, to provide trainings to SEN students and to promote healthy lifestyle and well-being to the public and families: 

  • Running program specially developed for SEN youths with professional research team’s support, help them build confidence and enhance their ability in different aspect.
  • BEE Family Coach program is a preventive health program for families, aim to promote wellbeing living habit and improve the physical health, mental health and family relationship for the participated families. 

Your support will empower youngsters to find their focus in life, tackle adversity, and develop mental strength through distance running.  They should not be deprived of such an opportunity because of their family backgrounds, school grades, ethnicity, and social ranks. 

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